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KPV Solar Iran is a leading Iranian-Austrian solar company designing and constructing utility size photovoltaic (PV) power plants. KPV Solar Iran, established in 2016 in Tehran, is the Iranian branch of KPV Solar and is also part of PV-invest group and works in alignment with high standards set out by KPV Solar, in all its projects.


PV–Invest develops innovative funding plans for private and institutional investors in order to build profitable photovoltaic power plants together with banks and financial institutions. Using renewable energy plays a key role in maintaining the ecological balance, while the democratisation or decentralisation of electricity generation ensures sustainable power supplies.


KIOTO SOLAR is a pioneer on the photovoltaics and solarthermal market.They already started to work in this business 25 years ago. Since that time they permanently optimize their solar systems and increase the energy efficiency.
Today KIOTO SOLAR is one of the leading system suppliers for solarthermal and photovoltaic solar systems. KIOTO SOLAR has a production capacity of 150 MW photovoltaic modules and 15.000 freshwater modules and stratified layer modules.
Their products contain 100% quality “Made in Austria”. From the first innovative ideas to the production process and the service – everything is 100% “Made in Austria”.


Fronius has been engaged in the field of renewable energy, and in particular solar energy, since 1992. The first Fronius inverter, the “Sunrise”, was developed in 1995, marking the birth of Fronius Solar Energy. The third and youngest of the three Fronius Business Units was responsible for a revolution in 2001, when on the roof of the former production site in Pettenbach, the Fronius IG came into being. This was an immense, innovative leap forward in the field of inverters. For the first time plug-in cards were used to upgrade the device, for example with a WLAN module, giving it a future-proof feature that had never before been deemed possible. The product lifetime of the inverter clearly demonstrates its exceptional quality; it was not until the end of 2015 that the Fronius IG was discontinued.