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Mehrabad Renewable Energies company is an experienced local EPC Contractor. We are happy to announce that KPV Solar GmbH has invested in the Mehrabad Renewable Energy Company and a new joint venture in Iran under the name KPV-Mehrabad is established. From now on, KPV-Mehrabad will be active in the Middle East market as a professional EPC contractor by combining international experience, a full understanding of the Middle East potential and local needs and problems.

KPV Solar

KPV Solar is a leading Austrian Solar company designing and constructing utility size Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Thermal (ST) power plants. KPV Solar plans and builds big size renewable power plants for international investors in Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, The Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain and the Middle East. Based on a close link to our main partner companies (the leading Austrian PV panel manufacturer KIOTO as well as the world´s leading Solar Thermal collector manufacturer GREENoneTEC), who provide best in class Photovoltaic panels and Solar Thermal collectors with outstanding performance warranties, KPV power plants deliver significantly higher yields than forecasted by independent experts.