KPV Mehrabad is proud to actively participate in spreading use of solar energy throughout Middle East, by performing a variety of services including engineering, consultancy, construction, operation and maintenance, in a path to sustainable development.


KPV plans and develops large Photovoltaic power plant projects for investors. This includes carrying out the initial economic feasibility forecasts, finding a suitable location, securing title to the land (including obtaining all necessary permits) and taking care of all feed-in contracts or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with energy off-takers. The result is always a high-performance Photovoltaic power plant with the shortest possible period of amortization and an attractive return on investment.



Under the leadership and quality control of KPV-MEHRABAD as an experienced general contractor, the PV power plants can be constructed in the shortest possible time, including all safety equipment, and with the coordinated cooperation of carefully selected regional subcontractors. Upon conclusion of all necessary insurance contracts and after successful technical acceptance tests, the plants are connected to the grid and produce at full power.


During the entire period of operation and use, KPV checks all functions of the Photovoltaic power plant and documents its performance on an ongoing basis. These seamless online diagnostics, in cooperation with our on-site specialists, ensure trouble-free, yield-optimized operation, and effectively prevent unpleasant surprises.


Mein Kraftwerk Module

The mini power plant for everyone

The easy solution for everybody who wants to produce free power from the sun but doesn’t have much space available. The “Mein-Kraftwerk” module …

Energy Facade

New applications for Buildings

Compared to usual facade systems, the energy facade delivers free power from the sun. That means: the facade pays off. It delivers energy continuously and …

Fronius Symo

Maximum yields

The three-phase Fronius Eco in power categories 25.0 and 27.0 kW perfectly meets all the requirements of large-scale installations. Thanks to its light weight and  …

Power Module

The high-efficient universal genius

The high-efficiency solar modules with an output of up to 310 Wp are produced with the most modern equipment in Austria. Modules with a power tolerance of +5W/-0W …